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In this period longer scale collaborative projects were undertaken as Bamboo Grove Theatre Company matured post residency.

One Size Fits All (and other modern myths)   A Two Year Leader Plus funded project which spanned two years dealt with mental health issues From July 2004 till July 2006  drama workshops and training sessions for people with mental health problems were held across Dumfries and Galloway. Committed to reducing the social stigma of mental illness. The title of the project reflects the fact that everyone is an individual and has the right to creative expression and experience on their own terms. Work included puppetry, radio, film and drama.

Sept 2005 – April 2006

Introduction to Drama for Learning Disability – workshops. A six month programme of drama training, incorporating an introduction to drama for people with learning disabilities and staff training in the basics of running drama workshops for people with learning disabilities.

October 2005- May 2006.

Choose Life video project – A 6 month video making project with young people in the Castle Douglas area which developed the creation of a video The Complete Idiot’s Guide to being 14.

During this time ABC Drama Group went from strength to strength and the focus was on facilitating and collaborative working on Boalian drama, developing new skills and new ways of expressing themselves through drama for adults labelled with learning disabilities. 2005 saw the performance of   Speak Out 1 and II

and 2006  saw The End of the Age of Oil performed in Dumfries and at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

Shorter projects:

August – Workshop ‘What Makes you mad?’ for school Mental Health

September – Workshop for ‘Choose Life’ Conference



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