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This year much  work focussed on developing the groups who had become established so that they could continue to flourish after the residency period ended. With the end of funding, it was always going to be the case that Bamboo Grove would change somewhat in nature, and sustainability of individuals and groups in their creative endeavours became of primary importance.

Performance Highlights


3 Weeks in July. Over three weeks a range of creative work was presented from video work at RBC and a reprised performance of The Other Side of the Mountain. Directed by Cally Phillips. Cast: Kristian Hart, Joe Johnson and the first production of Chasing Waves at the Swallow Theatre  directed by Amanda Walker.  Chasing Waves was unique in that from the first rehearsed reading, the process was open to the public. Open rehearsals allowed people to view the theatrical process and the final performances were supported by workshops and pre/post show discussions with director/writer and cast.

Two men, one box. Infinite possibilities. Two men who may or may not be the philosopher Wittgenstein and the physicist Schrodinger probe the nature of life, language and the universe. As they play with words and challenge the divide between stage and audience, the two men ask us to forget everything we’ve learned and embark on a journey of understanding.


Piglet! –Brigend Theatre, Dumfries as part of the Gaelforce Festival.  Directed by Cally Phillips. ABC Drama Group showed their progression as they tackled a humorous version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet abridged, updated and adapted by Cally Phillips.


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