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The aim of this year was to find new writers and give them performance opportunities.

Highlights included:

At the Bamboo Grove. A series of readings were held at Crichton Campus. Weekly workshops were held between February and June.  Over 40 pieces of new writing were performed at events between February and October .

 Cally at the Bamboo Grove

The Wednesday Cycle ran during April, May and June  at the Crichton Campus

April 17th Rehearsed Readings

Reading Between the Minds (Cally Phillips)

Sanctuary (Jackie Baldwin)

The Holding (Jo Abbott)

Couple Counselling (Jackie Baldwin)

The Story of Steve Black/Remember the Porter( Amanda Walker)

The Threadbare Tapestry of Life (Cally Phillips)

May 16th   Rehearsed Readings

Sit Down and Shut Up (Cally Phillips)

The Change (Jackie Baldwin)

Asylum Seekers (Mary Smith)

Getting Away with Murder (Cally Phillips)

Father and Son (David Ewart)

Your Bloody Mother  (Susan Martin)

Earliest Memories (Colin Kerr)

Hometime (Cally Phillips)

Time Marches On (Susan Martin)

Link with the Past (Mary Smith)

June 19th Workshopped performances

The Threadbare Tapestry of Life (Cally Phillips)

Betrayed (Colin Kerr)

The Check Up (Jo Abbott)

Trouble with Socks (Mary Smith)

Teen Angst (Jo Abbot)

Your Bloody Mother (Susan Martin)

Asylum Seekers (Mary Smith)

Perseverance (David Ewart)

Tempting (Alison Reid)

My First Wheels (Cally Phillips)

A small group of writers undertook a six week course in Playwriting and Performance which culminated in the establishment of the Crichton Playwrights (now merged with Crichton Writers)  and a performance at Crichton University College in November 2002 with work acted by students from the HNC drama course at Dumfries and Galloway College.

The performed plays were:

The Shearing (Fiona Russell)

Personality Test (Emily Patrieux)

Modern Mantra (Cally Phillips)

Special Deal (Colin Kerr)

Marigolds (Mary Smith)

Dizzy Does it (Cally Phillips)

Replicant (Colin Kerr)

Chip off the Old Block (Jackie Baldwin)

Saddam Insane (Cally Phillips)


Down the Line – Minerva Hall, Dumfries Academy directed by Mona Keeling. Performed by HNC acting students from Dumfries and Galloway College. Original music composed by Philip Martin.

Part of the J.M.Barrie anniversary event (100th Anniversary of Admirable Crichton)

100 years on from Barrie’s “The Admirable Crichton” and what has really changed? Butlers have become personal trainers and the aristocracy have become footballers and pop-stars… but human nature is still the same.


When Time Stands Still (Oxford University) Corpus Christi College. Directed by Cally Phillips with a cast of Oxford University students. A kitchen sink drama set on a Martian space-station where in the 48 minutes that ‘don’t exist’, a romance develops with devastating consequences.  

Bamboo Grove also established and hosted Monologue competitions from 2002-2004. Details of winners will be added here (when I can find them from the archive)


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